Animal welfare successes in Australia thanks to Animal Justice Party

2 June 2023

The Australian Animal Justice Party recently achieved many new victories in their struggle to change animals' lives for the better.

Emma Hurst, Member of Parliament of New South Wales for the Animal Justice Party, secured government support for homeless animals and people, by making crisis locations and future social housing animal friendly, and by altering tenancy laws to make it easier for people with animals to find a home. This is a big step in creating space for non-human animals in society.

Australian MP Emma Hurst after passing her motion to help animals and people experiencing homelessness.

In the state of Victoria, Georgie Purcell, Animal Justice Party Member of the Northern Victoria Parliament, celebrated some big achievements. On May 23, Victoria’s state budget was passed and included, thanks to the Animal Justice Party, a dedicated $16 million for animal protection to support, among other things, veterinary clinics and wildlife protection programs.

A day later, the Victorian Parliament announced an end, as of next year, to native forest logging. A whole six years earlier than planned. A big win for native animals and their habitats. Shortly after, Georgie also secured a parliamentary inquiry into pig gassing, confinement, and the pork industry in Victoria, which hopefully will lead to improvements of pigs’ living conditions in Australia.

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