Worldlog Week 42 – 2011

21 oktober 2011

Although the Lower House of the Dutch parliament is on autumn recess this week, on Saturday we will be having a special debate on the euro crisis and support to Greece. The Party for the Animals is against the support package and the further transfer of powers to Europe without democratic verification. In the Worldlog of week 34 I explain our position with regard to financial support to Greece.

Last week we, together with the Dutch Labour Party and Socialist Party, went to a neighbourhood in The Hague with many stores selling fur clothing and used ‘reverse graffiti’ to spray the words ‘Only beasts where fur’ onto the pavement. This was part of a campaign organized by Bont voor Dieren (Fur for Animals), the Dutch animal welfare organization against fur, which had sprayed pavements in Amsterdam using reverse graffiti. Reverse graffiti is a method of writing messages on a street or other surface using a high-pressure washer, allowing you to write ‘clean’ words onto the ‘dirty’ pavement.

One of the reasons we joined the campaign was to highlight the statutory ban on the breeding of minks which will soon be discussed (again) in the Lower House. The adoption of this law will mean an end to all fur production in the country and the reality of a fur-free Netherlands will be whole lot closer!

In the Netherlands, dead jackdaws are hung up above bulb fields as scarecrows. We consider this barbaric method of driving off birds unacceptable and have therefore submitted parliamentary questions to secretary of state for agriculture Bleker. I have pointed out that the jackdaw is a protected species and we demand that Bleker takes decisive action against this controversial method of keeping birds away from bulb fields. There are enough alternative methods, which are animal-friendly and efficient, to deal with nuisance from birds.

Next week promises to be exciting as on Tuesday the parties in the Upper House will submit written explanations of their positions on our bill to ban the ritual slaughter of animals without stunning. On 13 December the Upper House will meet to discuss our bill, which was adopted by the Lower House last June.

Some cheerful news: for weeks already the polls have had our party on four seats! That is double the number of seats we currently hold. Even though they are only polls, it is good to know that more and more people support our message for a sustainable and animal-friendly Netherlands.