Worldlog week 29 – 2014

16 juli 2014

This is my last Worldlog before I take a few weeks off to work on, inter alia, a new documentary of our scientific bureau, the Nicolaas G. Pierson foundation. Watch our multiple award-winning documentaries Meat the Truth and Sea the Truth here!

We had a brilliant first half of 2014, in which we grew from 6 to 12 municipal councillors and secured a seat in European Parliament. In the polls, we have 6 seats in national parliament, which is a threefold increase!! After the summer, we will start to prepare for the Provincial Council elections and the Dutch water board elections in March 2015.

This week, it was made public that birds also suffer severely from the use of pesticides containing neonicotinoids. In fact, that was already known in scientific circles, but after investigation it can be proven even better that the decline of specific species of birds in the Netherlands is a consequence of the use of pesticides containing neonicotinoids.


This year in March, we already tabled a motion to fully ban all pesticides containing neonicotinoids. A Parliamentary majority voted in favour at the time. Unfortunately, State Secretary Dijksma of Agriculture has now only implemented a temporary ban. Come on, an overall ban is an absolute necessity for human beings, animals and the environment! Watch this film for more information.

During the past week, we also stood up whole-heartedly for an end to private fireworks at New Year’s. Unfortunately, a majority is still too afraid to impinge on this tradition. For the next turn of the year, the permitted period to set off fireworks will be shortened, but the selling period and the permitted quantities of fireworks sold, will remain the same.


The Party for the Animals wants a ban on private fireworks, with a centrally organised fireworks show. Our vision is that traditions may be beautiful, but if they cause too much harm to the environment, human beings or animals, it is time for a renewal.

Anja Hazekamp, our Euro MP, has already proceeded expeditiously. Anja is in three important committees, including the Committee on Agriculture and the Fisheries Committee. Last week, she wasted no time to ask Jean-Claude Juncker, the prospective President of the European Commission, what he is going to do for animal rights and against long-distance transports of animals.

India recently implemented a ban on the import of foie gras. Great!

I wish everyone a fantastic summer! Greetings, Marianne