Vote! - Help us turn the tide: vote for the Party for the Animals!

On Wednesday 22 November elections for the House of Representatives will be held in the Netherlands. Vote for the Party for the Animals and help us turn the tide.

Turn the tide

We all want a good, healthy and happy life: for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren, for all people around the world, and for all animals, whose safety and well-being are increasingly compromised. We want a future where everyone has a roof over their heads and enough income to make ends meet, a future where all life on Earth is treated with respect. This future is within our grasp if we dare to make radical choices.

The Party for the Animals is eager to get to work on solving the current crises, together with you and on your behalf. If there was ever a time to vote for a truly green party, this is it. There is a world to be reclaimed. Join us and turn the tide.

There is no need to choose between influence or ideals - because you can vote for the Party for the Animals. We will nudge other parties in the right direction: greener, more social and more animal friendly. The Party for the Animals does what is necessary.

Forwards, with courage and compassion

The Party for the Animals is founded on a single, all-encompassing core value: treat the Earth and all its inhabitants with compassion. Our planet-wide vision offers concrete guidelines to tackle the crises we are facing (climate, biodiversity, housing, etc.). However, we need to tackle the roots of these problems rather than simply trying to patch things up. The time of procrastination and compromise has ended: rather than opting for ‘low-emission’ barn floors we need our livestock population to shrink by 75 per cent. We have to make the large-scale transition to a green and healthy future for humans and animals – today, and not tomorrow.

More and more people feel and understand this. More and more people are raising their voices to demand a future for the Earth and all its inhabitants. The Party for the Animals is taking a stand together with these people. We are these people. Just like them, we are fighting for what is precious to us, with courage and compassion. Just like them, we keep others on their toes, but also join forces with them. Just like them, we look at things with a critical eye, and just like them we offer solutions. The convictions in our electoral programme are based on our eco-central mindset: animals, the climate, nature and the environment are the cornerstones of all our policies. Of course we, as humans, all benefit from this.

We are striving for:

  • An end to the livestock industry
  • A cohesive solution for the climate and nature crisis 
  • Polluters such as Chemours, Schiphol and Tata Steel must be held accountable
  • Green and affordable housing
  • An end to poverty and inequality. There is enough for everyone
  • Greenification of the economy, taking into account the finite resources of the Earth
  • International solidarity, inclusiveness and diversity
  • Affordable, healthy choices. Opt for loving care
  • Invest in good and affordable education for all
  • More funding for art, culture and heritage
  • Aviation needs to become greener and downsized, compensated by more and faster international train connections
  • A humane refugee policy and a fair distribution of refugees among European Union member states

Our electoral programme offers a well-thought-out roadmap to safer waters – towards a just future for every living being. Click here to read the electoral programme of the Party for the Animals: “A world to reclaim”.

Practical information

All residents of the Netherlands aged 18 and above of Dutch nationality are entitled to vote on 22 November. This also applies to residents of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. You need a voting pass and a valid ID to vote. For more information about the elections, visit the website of the Dutch government.