COP26 Side Event: #Food­Re­vo­lution to tackle the climate crisis

What’s food got to do with the climate crisis? How can we build a fair and future-proof food system that keeps us all and the planet healthy and safe? This was at the centre of the Animal Politics COP26 side event on why we need a #FoodRevolution to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises, and on how we can make it happen. Experts and activists shared their knowledge and practical examples of ground-breaking grass-roots initiatives from all over the world, live from Glasgow. You will soon find the presentations on this website so you can watch them back at ease (with subtitles)!

The ‘Cow in the Room’

Our food system is a ticking time bomb. The world's meat and dairy industries are:

  • a main cause of the climate crisis, which threatens our communities with floods, forest fires, and famine
  • a hotbed for new infectious diseases like COVID-19
  • key contributors to the pollution of our air, water and soil
  • destructive to our planet's wildlife and nature, which are essential to our own well-being and that of future generations.

Despite this, animal agriculture has been side-lined from important climate change policies and discussions. With world leaders gathering in Glasgow at the UN Climate Change Conference, the Dutch Party for the Animals and Animal Welfare Party UK joined forces to put this ‘Cow in the Room’ -and- solutions to tackle it on the COP26 agenda.

Watch online!

Presentations will shortly be made available on this website, with subtitles in several languages. Watch them at ease in your languages of choice to get up to speed on the latest in food and climate, social justice, eco-centric politics, post-growth economics, and the power of lobbying.

You'll shortly find lectures here of our great line-up of speakers from science, politics, youth movements and activism, from Anja Hazekamp (Member of European Parliament), Joseph Poore (Oxford University) and Laila Kassam (founder of Animal Think Tank) to representatives of positive grass-roots initiatives from Dusan Pajovic (Green New Deal for Europe, DiEM25), Seb Alex (Lebanese Vegans), Tomi Makanjuola (The Vegan Nigerian, chef and blogger), and Rebecca Knowles (Farmers For Stock-Free Farming).

Please check full program here!

Now is the time; share and sign for a #FoodRevolution!

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The short animation "A Viral Spiral" by Steve Cutts paints a clear picture of the relation between our food system, public health and the well-being of animals, people and our planet.

If world leaders do not recognise the impact of animal agriculture, the Paris Agreement is likely to fail and global temperature will rise above 1.5 degrees Celsius, with disastrous consequences. So now is the time and there is a world to win!

COP26 offered a vital opportunity for world leaders to make meaningful commitments to tackle climate change, restore biodiversity, and invest in a more compassionate and planet-friendly food system that is fairer to farmers and more healthy for all citizens at the same time. Unfortunately, this remained largely ignored during the Glasgow conference.

Let’s continue to push! Ask world leaders to formally recognise the need to act and invest in a just, plant-centric food system. Just like celebrities such as Billie Eilish, Joaquin Phoenix, Leona Lewis, Stephen Fry and tens of thousands of citizens already did. Join our event, spread the word and sign for a #FoodRevolution!