Demand a healthy and compassionate food system

Our current food system is a ticking time bomb

The world's meat and dairy industries are a hotbed for new infectious diseases like COVID-19 as well as key contributors to the pollution of our air, water and soil.

They are also a main cause of the climate crisis, which threatens our communities with floods, forest fires, and famine. In addition, they have a massive impact on our planet's wildlife and on nature, both of which are essential to our own well-being and that of future generations.

You can help create positive change! Sign and share this #FoodRevolution petition to urge all governments to put the health of humans, animals and our planet first!

Once we get to 500,000 signatures, we will present the petition to as many responsible ministers around the world as possible.

More on why and how to change below.

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Seven-step action plan

To prevent future pandemics and tackle the climate and biodiversity crises, we need to change our food system. That’s why we urge governments around the world to:

  1. Take a strong lead to reduce animal products by at least 75% by 2030. Start with providing a daily vegan menu option in public canteens.
  2. Help farmers make the transition to plant-based agriculture.
  3. Phase out subsidies for meat and dairy.
  4. Ban the consumption and trade of wild animals.
  5. Ban the production, import, and trade of fur.
  6. End the international transport of live animals.
  7. Impose compulsory labelling on all animal products, indicating where and in what conditions the animals were raised and slaughtered, along with clear information about the product’s ecological footprint.

Why we need change?

Both the livestock and fur industries pose a serious threat to public health. The breeding, trading, transport and slaughter of billions of animals for food and fashion each year increases the risk of disease transmission. Three in four new infectious diseases are caused by the cruel and unsustainable treatment of animals. COVID-19 is just the most recent example, following SARS, MERS, swine flu, bird flu and mad cow disease. Experts warn it will certainly not be the last if we continue with business as usual.

The fur industry has turned out to be a breeding ground for mutations in the corona virus that might prove resistant to vaccines, as happened recently in Denmark, the world's largest producer of mink fur. Virologists have even pointed out that the fur industry might have been the missing link in the corona virus’ jump from animals to humans.

Yet for decades, world leaders have spent vast amounts of public money (your money) to promote meat and dairy products, forcing farmers to work in an unsustainable way. They have supported mink farms, international transport of live animals, and the wildlife trade. By doing so, our governments have been putting public health and life on Earth in extreme danger.

You can make positive change happen by taking these two steps:

1. Sign and share the #FoodRevolution petition to urge world leaders to start working on the seven-step action plan for a healthy and sustainable food system for all of us.

2. Make sustainable choices in the supermarket and make the transition to a more plant-based diet.

    Let’s make this world a better place for people and animals.

    Let’s start today!

    Thank you.

    Animal Politics Foundation
    (on behalf of the representatives of animal rights parties throughout the world)

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