The Party for the Animals has started in Belgium

20 February 2018

BRUSSELS/THE HAGUE, 20 February – The political party ‘DierAnimal’ was launched in Belgium yesterday. This Belgian sister party of the Dutch Party for the Animals is the eleventh political party in the European Union that puts the position of the planet and animals at centre stage.

The bilingual political party DierAnimal wishes to lay down animal rights in the Belgium constitution and to put a stop to intensive livestock farming and animal experiments. DierAnimal pleads for healthy, sustainable, human and animal friendly agriculture. Additionally, DierAnimal has cross-border ambitions: it pleads for active support for sustainable forest conservation, forest management and reforestation worldwide.

DierAnimal is now also part of a growing worldwide social emancipation movement. Nineteen political parties for the animals were set up worldwide since 2002 – the year that the Dutch Party for the Animals was founded.

The launching of DierAnimal in Brussels was attended by MEP Anja Hazekamp and Elze Boshart, Chairman of the international foundation of the Dutch Party for the Animals. Both are pleased and proud that there now is a party in Belgium too that stands up for the most vulnerable creatures of this planet. Elze Boshart: “We are convinced that DierAnimal in Belgium can make the difference. Belgium is the next country where the livestock industry and other forms of overexploitation of our planet will be contested with political violence. The Parties for the Animals are the only political parties that plead for a radically different policy. Together we will give back the earth’s dignity as home to us all.”