The Animal Justice Party of Finland, AJP, is a political organization, whose aim is to make Finland a society that accepts the rights of all animals. We seek:

  • justice free from speciesism
  • an end to the use of animals in the machinery of production.

The supporters of the Animal Justice Party of Finland are tired of waiting for change. AJP has been born from the will to move animal rights into the arena of political discussion and decision-making.


Marianne's Blog: “May we have your votes, please?”

The last few weeks were dominated by cooperation with our European sister parties. For example, together with our sister parties PACMA and PAN we organised the premiere of the documentary film #Powerplant, in Portugal (Porto) and in Spain (Madrid). Both shows drew full houses and during the Q&A session afterwards I was talking with the audience. In Porto I was accompanied by my Portuguese colleagu...