Worldlog Week 28 – 2008

11 יולי 2008

This week saw the last convening of the senate before the summer recess. The lower house recessed last week. On the senate’s agenda in this final week was the Treaty of Lisbon, a variation of the European Constitution which itself was massively rejected by Dutch voters.

The Dutch government, this time not daring to give the voters a say in the new proposal, consulted with other EU member states and made only a few cosmetic changes to the constitution (the European flag and European anthem were scrapped but everything else remained intact).

And so the senate, facing a tight deadline, was required to grant its approval to this extremely animal-unfriendly European constitution that constitutionally legitimises bull-fighting, ritual slaughter and the forced-feeding of geese! It also sets increased production as the sole aim of the European agricultural policy. It is scandalous that undemocratic mechanisms as these are being used to violate the rights of animals, nature, the environment and voters! Donning cow-cloths, the Party for the Animals waged a successful campaign against the constitution.

Fortunately, voters will get another chance on 4 June 2009 to voice their concerns about this undemocratic state of affairs in Europe and I predict that our politicians are in for quite a shock!

We have received news from Rumania that efforts are underway to establish a Party for the Animals in that country. Consequently, we may start translating this Worldlog in Rumanian as well. After the summer recess, I will use my Worldlog to provide step-by-step instructions on setting up a Party for the Animals in your own country and on how to campaign successfully for parliament and/or other representative bodies.

The latest pre-recess polls give the Party for the Animals a 50% gain in support and I predict that rise in support will actually turn out to be far higher. According to voter surveys, we can count on the support of 7-8% of the electorate. That’s extremely promising for our future as a party!

This week’s Worldlog will be the last before the summer. However, I will be sending short dispatches from my holiday address to keep you informed of any relevant international animal news.

On 6 and 7 August I am scheduled to lecture at the University of Fortaleza in Brazil and an Orkut community has been started in support of this.
If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, you are most certainly welcome to attend.

I would like to end this Worldlog with a beautiful poem written by Dutch animal-friend and writer Hans Andreus in memory of his friend and designer of his book covers Jaap Boots.

What I now
see most clearly of him,
is the smooth fluid motion

with which he would
scoop up a drowning fly,

walk with him outside
and set him down as a
not very expensive

or rare, but all the same
belegged jewel
that has every right to be.

How wonderful it is to be remembered as someone with so much compassion. The insect season is approaching: a good time for us to spare a thought for the tinier forms of life around us!

See you soon!