Mass protest against bull­fighting cruelties in Madrid

2 אוקטובר 2018

Last week, Party for the Animals MEP Anja Hazekamp joined tens of thousands of people in a protest against the cruel practice of bullfighting in Spain. The demonstration called ‘Mision Abolición’ took place in Madrid and was organised by Spanish Party for the Animals PACMA. Parties for the animals all over the world showed their support for the protest on social media.

Anja Hazekamp joining the mass protest against bullfighting in Madrid

“How wonderful to see the growing resistance in Spain against one of the cruellest traditions of Europa. The bulls in the arenas, those at so-called ‘festivals’ such as Toro de Fuego and at bull-runs in Paploma all need our support. We will not give up. Misión Abolición will win. We will win for the animals!” says Hazekamp, amidst a combative crowd.

Accompanied by an ecstatic crowd, Anja paraded the streets of Madrid for two hours. Spanish media spoke of an “historic moment”. A total of between 80,000 and 100,000 people joined the protest.

Representatives of the Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch Party for the Animals leading the demonstration against bullfighting

Another participant in the demonstration in Madrid was MP André Silva of PAN, the Portuguese Party for the Animals. All over the world, parties for the animals showed their support for PACMA’s demonstration on social media. They urged the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to listen to the people and finally put an end to the cruel bullfights.

Many people showed their support for the protest against bullfighting on social media, including PINK!, youth wing of the Party for the Animals, and a representative of the UK Animal Welfare Party