In the spotlight: our youngest party supporters

27 פברואר 2017

The Party for the Animals is the perfect example of a party that is dedicated to future generations. We undertake to promote an inhabitable world, now and in the future. We are worried about whether our children will have better lives than our generation, in a material as well as an immaterial sense. Young people share our concerns, and sustainability is an important item on their agendas. The fact that so many young voters identify with the Party for the Animals’ planet-wide vision becomes evident from our two young ‘lijstduwers’, supporters of our party who are at the bottom of our party list: 17-year-old Malou Herstel and 21-year-old Teske de Schepper.

“Millennials are the future,” says director of our party headquarters Lieke Keller in an interview with Dutch news broadcaster NOS. “We need young people that work towards a sustainable world.”

Malou, the youngest ‘lijstduwer’ in the Netherlands, did not hesitate to accept the party’s invitation. “I am happy to do it. It is essential that greater attention is paid to climate issues – especially among young people.

With over 330,000 followers, Teske de Schepper is a popular Youtuber among young people. De Schepper: “Politics is not a very sexy topic for the young generation, but I think it is cool to promote my norms and values in choosing the Party for the Animals. This way, I hope to encourage other young people to make the same choice.”