Worldlog week 7 – 2015

9 February 2015

We have a beautiful new logo! It was designed by the internationally accredited agency Thonik. I am proud of our new look with a butterfly as a logo symbol. See here The Movie on the new logo.

PvdD_logo_hor_groen_op_wit - basis logo

We have chosen the butterfly because it is the animal that symbolises the environment and nature, the logo bringing together the three pillars of the party: animals, nature and the environment.

Additionally, the butterfly stands for transformation; from caterpillar to butterfly. Our party stands for transition into a community where sustainability, compassion, personal freedom and personal responsibility are central.

In addition to the butterfly, there are two supporting symbols that can be used for campaigns advocating in favour of or against something specific. The supporting symbols consist of a heart and a cross, shapes from which the new logo is constructed.

PvdD Hartje

PvdD Kruisje

This week we started with the campaign for the forthcoming Provincial Council and Water Authority elections. All over the country, the provinces launched their campaign with our new logo and all election programmes were published this week. Bring it on!

Senator Niko Koffeman has filed against a game warden of a Dutch country estate for shooting and killing a lawfully protected woodcock. Members of the Duivenvoorde hunting syndicate were caught in the very act by a photographer on the 30th of January during an illegal hunt for woodcocks.

Houtsnip_©WikipediaRobert SI

The Lower House will soon discuss the new Natural Law, which also stipulates pleasure hunting and the job description of game wardens. Game wardens in the Netherlands act as supervisor but they also represent the interests of their hunting leader. This is of course absolutely undesirable. It’s a good thing that the Court will consider cases as the above!

Last week, it became known that the animal cops are financially down and out. We have been advocating for animal cops since the founding of our party. They finally arrived some years ago, but their budget continues to be cut. Those cops are very important for the protection of humans and animals. Also for humans, as research showed that there is a strong connection between domestic violence and cruelty to animals. Many domestic violence cases have started off with cruelty to animals. Therefore, if cruelty to animals is detected at an early stage, it may prevent domestic violence.

And here is some news from our European political party. Unfortunately, our European MP Anja Hazekamp did not yet succeed in convincing the Commission President Juncker of the fact that he should engage in initiatives to persuade the new president of Romania to stop the cruelty to Romanian street dogs. In his letter to Anja, Juncker wrote that ‘strategic economic issues’ had priority in his meeting with the Romanian president.

Fortunately, Anja will not give up the fight! Later this year, she will pay a working visit to Romania to urge the authorities to treat the street dogs humanely. Thus to be continued!

zwerfhond_istockphoto.com_ starush_nieuwsbrief formaat

Something to start the week with:

Dier op rug moeder

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Greetings, Marianne