Tackling dodgy puppy trade with European regi­stration

8 February 2016

Brussels should tackle the issue of illegal trade in puppies and other domestic animals by implementing a European registration system. All breeders in Europe should be forced to use this system. In addition, a list of domestic animals should be established, listing all animals that are allowed as pets in Europe. “Mandatory registration and a list of all allowed domestic animals will prevent a great deal of animal suffering,” says Anja Hazekamp, who has urged the European Commission in Strasbourg to implement these plans as soon as possible.

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Mandatory registration of all domestic animals into a European system will facilitate the detection of illegal trade in dogs, cats and other animals. It will also make it easier to locate and reunite stray pets with their owners and track down animal abusers. Moreover, registration can reduce the illegal killing of animals such as stray dogs in Rumania and galgos in Spain. By taking these steps, the European Commission can demonstrate that it is truly committed to the matter of animal welfare,” claims Mrs Hazekamp.

The Party for the Animals is furthermore advocating a list that details which animal species are allowed to be kept as pets in Europe, also referred to as Positive List. “Many people purchase exotic animals that are highly unsuited to be kept as pets, for example Barbary macaques, gerbils and snakes. Not only are these animals very unhappy in captivity, they might also be a danger to their owners. Once their owners realise that they are not suited to be kept as pets, many exotic animals end up in shelters. A Positive List can spare the animals as well as their owners a great deal of misery,” according to Anja Hazekamp.