PACMA wins 1 million votes in national election Spain

21 December 2015

PACMA, the animal welfare party of Spain, has made history in the Spanish elections on Sunday the 20th of December 2015, receiving 1.034.617 votes for the Senate and 219.000 for the Congress.

PACMA election results

This wide support proves the unstoppable growth of the only party that waves the flag for animal rights in Spain. Due to the current Electoral Law however, PACMA did not get a representative. Never before a party with so many votes stayed out of the Congress and Senate. PACMA widely overcame in number of votes other parties that did get a seat in the Congress and Senate. In order to achieve a law in which every vote is worth the same, PACMA will work during this four years to demand an immediate reformation of the Electoral Law from the parties that do have representation.

Nevertheless, these results make PACMA an unstoppable political force that grows measurelessly, regardless of the social or political situation.

Keeping this results will mean that during the next European Elections with a single constituency -unlike Spain- PACMA would certainly get representation, which would hit a milestone in the history of animal rights in Spain.