PACMA releases ‘Mission: Abolition’ to put an end to animal abusing festivals

5 September 2016

After achieving the legal end of the ‘Toro de la Vega’ festival, The Spanish Party for the Animals launches their new campaign called ‘Mission: Abolition’ for the upcoming september 10th.


PACMA is willing to celebrate the largest demonstration for animal rights that Spain has ever seen. As on previous occasions, we’ll be counting on many spanish well-known names, adding up to our demand in order to definitely end all festivals that torture bulls.

On saturday 10th september, at 5pm, the demonstration will begin from Puerta del Sol, with a simbolic act in which thousands of people will perform a ‘chupinazo animalista’. After the march, the reading of a manifesto and several celebrities on the stage will close the day.

PACMA intends to turn this second saturday of september into an iconic date to reivindicate animal rights. Rompesuelas has become the last victim killed at Tordesilla’s fields and has set an starting point to utterly end all festivals that torture animals.

More info about the campaign, the route and the promo vídeo is found here.