Party for the Animals rejects billions in subsidies for disas­trous European Agri­cul­tural Policy

27 Οκτωβρίου 2020

Last week, the European Parliament approved the new European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and billions in subsidies for the meat industry. A disaster for the climate, nature and the wellbeing of both people and animals. “These billions in subsidies for the agricultural industry are completely incompatible with the so-called green goals that the European Union says to strive towards” states Anja Hazekamp, MEP for the Party for the Animals.

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An animation by Greenpeace that explains how factory farming destroys our planet. Meat, for example, is the biggest cause of deforestation.

“The EU spends almost 60 billion euros on agricultural subsidies each year. However, there is nothing to suggest that these subsidies are actually received by those who need them. The largest share of these subsidies is granted to the richest agricultural companies. They are usually used to fund activities that are disastrous for animals and the environment, such as industrial farming. These European agricultural subsidies uphold a system of factory farms and animal transports to every corner of the world”, says MEP Hazekamp.

Hazekamp points to the criticism levelled at the billions in subsidies, not just from various environmental organisations, but from the European Court of Auditors as well. According to a report by the Institute of Applied Ecology, the proposed agricultural policy will not lead to a lower emission of greenhouse gasses by the agricultural industry.

“Brussels is giving the livestock industry free reign once again by approving billions in subsidies for the coming seven years. That is incredibly stupid and counterproductive when you think about the fact that during this time, the emission of greenhouse gasses has to be reduced by more than 50%”, states Hazekamp. “To reach that goal, the livestock industry has to downsize drastically. Every available euro has to be spent on restoring biodiversity and combating climate change. The Party for the Animals will continue to fight for this.”

In the coming months, there will be negotiations between the European Parliament, the European Commission and all 27 EU member states. These past few weeks, many civilians have called for the European Parliament to vote against this destructive agricultural policy, both online and offline. Various civil society organisations and famous climate activists such as Greta Thunberg have called on civilians and politicians to not give up, and to keep up doing everything in their power to change this agricultural policy for the better.

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