Five seats in parli­ament for the Party for the Animals!

24 Απριλίου 2017

The Party for the animals has, after an exciting election campaign, won five seats in the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament. A gain of three seats, i.e. an increase of 150 percent. Party leader Marianne Thieme: The “green anchor” in the Lower House that keeps the other parties focused has thus become much stronger!”

Members of parliament (from left to right) Femke Merel Arissen, Frank Wassenberg, Marianne Thieme, Esther Ouwehand en Lammert van Raan.

The next step to come to a cabinet is to have coalition negotiations. The Party for the Animals advocate for a climate cabinet consisting of the parties that were awarded Climate Label A by climate organizations, i.e. the Christian Union party (CU), GreenLeft and the Party for the Animals, joined by all Climate Label B parties, namely the Democrats 66 (D66), the Socialist Party (SP) and pensioners‘ interests party 50PLUS. Conservative-liberal party VVD, the largest political party, could also be part of this progressive climate coalition, provided that it complies with the call of prominent party members for a greener course. Thieme: “Whatever the outcome, our five seats in the Lower House will give us a casting vote and thereby increase our influence!”