Speeding up positive change! Invitation to Animal Politics World Confe­rence

30 november 2022

This year’s Animal Politics World Conference ‘Taking Political Activism to the Next Level’ is all about political activism and speeding up positive change for climate, nature, animals and people. During the upcoming conference on December 10th and 11th in Brussels, experts, politicians, activists, and NGOs from the Middle East, North Africa, EU, UK, the Balkans and Ukraine will gather to share their experiences and ideas on how to create positive change. Lectures, panel sessions and practical workshops will provide inspiration, knowledge and practical skills to take effective action for an ethical and inhabitable world. You are invited to join a special public evening event on December 10th in Brussels, with Member of Dutch Parliament Christine Teunissen, young environmentalist Ariane Giraneza and director of Friends of the Earth, Donald Pols. Reserve your free tickets fast, as seats are limited. Those not present in Brussels are invited to join online.

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Ecocentric animal rights parties and activists at the Global Day of Action during COP26 in Glasgow, 2021

As recent scientific reports confirm, nothing less than a viable future on this planet is at stake. Still, current political leaders worldwide are not taking the action that is needed. To solve the urgent challenges we face today, we need to change politics, and invest in solutions for tomorrow. To this end, the Animal Politics Foundation – founded to support the international ecocentric political movement – now offers two days of lectures, practical workshops and panel sessions with speakers and participants from all over the world.

Taking Political Activism to the Next Level – worldwide
In recent years more and more inspiring citizen engagement has emerged. It is a driver of positive change and forces politicians to take action. Meanwhile, the international animal politics movement has been growing and taking climate and animal activism into politics in ever more countries worldwide. This year’s edition of the annual Animal Politics World Conference will highlight what people from different parts of the world and operating in various fields – politics, activism, law and citizen engagement – can learn from each other and how we can join hands to accelerate positive change for our planet and -all- its inhabitants.

The programme is packed with expert lectures and practical trainings. Speakers from Ukraine, Tunisia, Portugal, Poland, Kurdistan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Serbia, and the UK will share expert knowledge and reflect on how to combine the powers of politics, activism, citizen engagement and law. Member of European Parliament Anja Hazekamp will talk about ecocentric politics and share her experience with how to create room for activism within the European Parliament. ‘Practivism’ and citizen engagement expert Eva Rovers will discuss the need for and ways to achieve more direct citizen involvement and a new democracy in order to tackle the climate crisis.

Three generations for climate: speeding up positive change

A special public event will take place on Saturday evening December 10th at the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel in Brussels, on the occasion of International Human and Animal Rights Day. With climate activist Ariane Giraneza, young environmentalist and former refugee; Christine Teunissen, Member of Dutch Parliament and acting party leader of the successful Dutch Party for the Animals; and Donald Pols, director of Friends of the Earth Netherlands, one of the most influential climate organisations and initiator of the world famous and successful case against Shell. They will meet in the heart of Brussels to exchange thoughts with the citizens of Brussels on the most urgent and existential question of our time: what is the best approach to tackle the climate crisis and keep our planet liveable? The talk will be moderated by ethical storyteller David Labi.

How to join?
You are warmly invited to join the public event ‘Three Generations for Climate’ in Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel, 71 Avenue Louise, Brussels on Saturday the 10th of December from 20h00 to 21h30 – with drinks after. There will be plenty of opportunity to share thoughts and ask questions. Sign up for free now! Seats are limited.

Not able to attend in person? You can watch the livestream on YouTube and Facebook and ask questions and share comments through the chat.

Live stream conference
The plenary lectures and panel session of the conference will be live streamed online on YouTube and Facebook on Saturday the 10th of December. These include (all times indicated in CET):

  • 9:30 – 10:00 Opening and introduction.
  • 10:00 – 10:25 Speeding Up Change with Ecocentric Politics. Lecture and Q&A by MEP Anja Hazekamp.
  • 10:25 – 10:55 Practivism: Citizens as Drivers of Positive Change. Lecture and Q&A by Eva Rovers.
  • 14:30 – 16:00 Panel: Combining the Powers of Politics, Law, and Activism. With: Philipp Ryf (Sentience Politics, Switzerland), Melav Salih (Kurdistan Environmental Youth), Inȇs de Sousa Real (Partido Pessoas-Animais-Natureza, Portugal), Morgan Janowicz (The Green REV Institute, Poland), Eline Zeilmakers (Friends of the Earth Netherlands), Dragan Jonić (Ecological Uprising - Together, Serbia), Islem Zrelli (eco-activist, Tunisia) and Kateryna Polianska (Environment-People-Law, Ukraine).

    Chats and comments will be open for asking questions and sharing ideas.