Founded in 1993 as the first animal party in the world. Tierschutzpartei (full name: Partei, Mensch Umwelt, Tierschutz) sees humans, the environment and animals as one unity. If we want to save our planet, we have to see humans, environment and animals as one package. A sustained outlook on the world is necessary. Not "each on their own", but "all together for our planet"!


EU bans bee killer thia­cloprid thanks to Party for the Animals

After ten years of fighting, Europe finally bans thiacloprid, an agricultural poison that is dangerous to bees and is associated with cancer. The poison also has negative effects on groundwater. The Party for the Animals has been requesting a ban since 2010. Member of the House of Representatives Esther Ouwehand has asked questions about thiacloprid several times and successfully gathered support ...