PAN – Pessoas-Animais-Natureza fights for a free, fair, inclusive and self-aware society and for a reinvented democracy, based on participation, ethics, agreement, respect and equality.

This Portuguese party aims to be the voice and the political arm of civil movements, associations and NGOs that search for a alternative and renewed society, trying to supply and overcome state and institutional policies and to promote the awareness towards solidarity for humanitarian, animal and ecological causes.


EU Climate Commis­sioner-designate denies ecolo­gical need for reduction in livestock

The European group of the Party for the Animals (PftA) has asked additional questions to EU Climate Commissioner-designate Frans Timmermans. At this stage, the party does not intend to support his candidacy. During the hearing before the European Parliament last week, Timmermans denied the need for a reduction in livestock in order to successfully fight climate change.