Worldlog week 37 – 2013

9 ספטמבר 2013

A great success of our Amsterdam council party group: the Amsterdam Municipal Council is going to call on fashion shops to stop selling the fur of fur bearing animals starting this autumn. This is the result of a motion called for by our council party group.

The Amsterdam municipal council will make a moral appeal to fashion shops to no longer sell fur. Additionally, the municipal council will call on shops that do not sell fur to more clearly profile themselves as such towards people shopping in Amsterdam. A good start of the parliamentary year!

See this photo of the certificate awarding to Luiz Antonio in Brazil. He is the most powerful junior ambassador for vegetarianism ever 🙂 Have you not yet seen why he was awarded a certificate? Click here to watch the cute film of Luiz Antonio in which he explains to his mum why he doesn’t want to eat octopus.

Because of Alice Walkers’ statement saying thatAnimals were not made for humans more than black people were made for white, or women created for men’ and her pleadings against war, she is certainly a good candidate for receiving an award from us.

Last week, two support films were recorded for our sister party in Portugal. There will be municipal elections in Portugal at the end of September and PAN is participating in two municipalities. I sent them a video message to give them a little support. I wish PAN great success and hope that we will get more people’s representatives on an international level, who will use their best endeavours for animals, nature and environment!

In the United States they are working hard on a film about ‘puppy mills’. The film Days of Power is intended to show people the dreadful course of events in mala fide commercial dog trade. Here you can watch the trailer.

We should all have a look at this touching film of a gorilla who was reunited with the man who saved him.

Until next week!