Worldlog Week 33 – 2008

15 אוגוסט 2008

The summer recess of the House of Representatives continues for another two weeks, but we’re already deep into the preparations for the new parliamentary year. It promises to be another year in which we will be a powerful voice for the animals. We are going to debate a new law for animals and our proposal to outlaw ritual slaughtering will most likely be presented in the House this year. I’m up for it!

On Thursday the 7th of August, I was in Fortaleza, Brazil for the premiere of the Portuguese version of Meat the Truth. Interest in the film was overwhelming! Many Brazilians felt personally spoken to by the film. In particular, the relationship between meat production and the destruction of the rainforest was of great concern to the Brazilians. At the end of the debate about the film and about the Party for the Animals, many of them were convinced that there should also be a Brazilian Party for the Animals. The discussion continued on how the party could be set up as quickly as possible. Some people expressed concern about the political establishment, which is so heavily influenced by the meat industry; and that a Brazilian Party for the Animals wouldn’t have much chance to succeed. I let them know that in the Netherlands the meat industry also has many ties to the political establishment, and that that is the exact reason why the Party for the Animals is the fastest growing Dutch political party. People in our country have had enough of the Netherlands being the butcher and the milkman of Europe at the expense of people, animals, nature and the environment. Just the fact that you set up a Party for the Animals in your country starts up the discussion (through the media) and that is already a big achievement.
I have the feeling that over time, we’ll look back and note that the 7th of August was the evening that the foundations were laid for the Brazilian Party for the Animals!

The World Health Organization of the United Nations (WHO) reports this month that encouraging dairy and meat consumption leads to thousands of deaths per year. It is the first time that a study has been done on the relationship between cardiovascular diseases and the EU promotion of meat and dairy. The research has shown that the European agricultural policy is accountable for at least 12,800 deaths. The Party for the Animals is against the promotion of dairy and meat production and consumption because of the enormous social problems involved. Besides the suffering of the animals, the warming of the earth, world hunger and the loss of biodiversity, it turns out that public health aspects of meat and dairy are becoming increasingly problematic. We have asked the Dutch cabinet for their reaction to the WHO report.

Until next week!