Worldlog Week 15 – 2008

11 אפריל 2008

Last week there was much commotion in the Netherlands regarding a slaughterhouse in the northern part of the Netherlands. Terrible animal abuse was allegedly taking place, while supervisors appointed by the government did nothing about it. The consumer programme Radar did a report about it
and I was interviewed by the current events programme 1vandaag.
Of course, due to the language barrier, it may be difficult for most of you to follow the discussion, but the images in Radar speak for themselves.

This specific slaughterhouse has since halted its slaughtering activities because no one dares deliver them animals now that they have been at the centre of attention.

The farmers who keep livestock are reacting passively on the various Dutch internet forums. It seems obvious that this sort of abuse is all too familiar to them, and it cannot be tolerated.

Last Tuesday, the Party for the Animals scored in the House of Representatives. We managed to compel the Dutch government to request the European Commission to review the Dutch meat inspection system to see if it sufficiently meets European regulations. Currently, the inspections are performed by a commercial enterprise. This company is in the hands of the meat industry itself and is presided over by prominent members of the governing Christian Democrat party (the Minister of Agriculture in our country is from the same party!).

Minister of Agriculture,
Nature and Food Quality

The meat inspection company turns a high profit. Meanwhile, they receive a great deal of tax monies and notably they are themselves exempt from paying corporate taxes. Anyone can see that it makes no sense for a butcher to be the inspector of his own meat. Especially when you know that a sister company offers insurance against the rejection of slaughter livestock. Conflicts of interest are just around the corner.

For the sake of public health and for the animals, it is extremely important that every stone be turned over in this case. It is great that the majority of the Dutch Parliament supports the Party for the Animals in our effort to lay the entire issue before the European Union.

Something else.
Last Sunday, we finished the recording of our film about the climate, Meat the Truth. Check out the brief photo impressions here.

All preparations are being made for the London première on the 19th of May and the New York première in June. In the coming weeks, the film will start showing in Dutch film houses and theatres, often followed by a discussion with the audience.

Until next week!