Parti­ci­pants from 25 countries at successful Animal Politics Foun­dation confe­rence

15 דצמבר 2022

This past weekend, politicians and activists from 25 countries came together for the Animal Politics World Conference 'Taking Political Activism to the Next Level' with the aim to accelerate positive change for climate, nature and animals. Participants attended lectures, panel sessions and workshops. "We are going home with renewed energy, inspiration and motivation to continue the fight for the protection of our planet and for justice," said one of the participants. The fact that animal and nature conservationists from Ukraine were present, was extra special.

Some participants at the conference.

The conference brought together people from the Middle East, North Africa, the EU, the UK, the Balkans, Georgia, Albania and Ukraine to learn from each other and bolster collaboration. The international political movement for animal rights, nature and the environment is clearly growing and more and more countries are putting climate and animal rights activism on the political map.

Workshops were held on, among other things, effective campaigning, fundraising and communication, and stories that make a difference. In a panel session, politicians, activists and lawyers from Ukraine, Tunisia, Portugal, Poland, Kurdistan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Serbia shared their experiences and explained how everyone can make a difference in their own way. Kateryna Polianska, who had come from Kiev (Ukraine), made an extra big impression: "Since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine, not only people have fallen victim to the war, but also our smaller brothers, the animals. They too are having to deal with incredible cruelty, hunger and thirst, mines, and rocket attacks. We are committed to mapping and publicising this cruelty and the erosion of nature and the environment."

In addition, lectures were held by MEP Anja Hazekamp, who calls herself an 'activist in politics', and Eva Rovers, who showed how people power can change the world.

Participants making plans during a workshop.

Three generations for climate
During a special evening event on the International Day of Human and Animal Rights, environmentalist and former refugee Ariane Giraneza, Christine Teunissen, MP and acting group chair of the successful Dutch Party for the Animals, and Donald Pols, director of Friends of the Earth Netherlands and the man who brought big polluter and oil company Shell to its knees with a world-famous lawsuit spoke to a packed-out hall. Under the inspired leadership of 'ethical storyteller' David Labi, these planet protectors spoke with each other and the audience about effective ways to keep our planet habitable.

The lectures, panel and evening event will soon be available to watch back. Keep an eye on our newsletter!

Ariane Giraneza, Christine Teunissen and Donald Pols during the "Three Generations for Climate" event.