Meet Femy Amin: the Animal Welfare Party’s Candidate for Mayor of London

16 אפריל 2024

On 2 May 2024, Londoners will be electing both a new Assembly and a new mayor. Among the mayoral candidates is the Animal Welfare Party’s (AWP) Femy Amin, advocating for the rights and well-being of all Londoners, whether human or nonhuman. The AWP is also putting forward seven dedicated candidates for the London Assembly.

With the urgency of the multiple crises of climate, biodiversity and health facing us, Femy Amin believes it’s important to lead for change. “My motivation for standing in the London Mayoral Election”, says Femy, “is all about creating an inclusive, empathetic, and equitable London. I believe in building a city that not only prioritises the well-being of its human residents but also recognises the importance of compassion towards animals and the environment.”

Femy Amin, a healthcare professional, came to the UK as a teenage Afghan refugee and is now campaigning for mayor under the slogan London Act Now. Her plans include banning herbicides, creating affordable and sustainable homes for all, incentivising public and active transport, and making London a global leader in opposing speciesism.

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Besides the Mayoral elections, Londoners will also be voting for the 25-member Assembly. The mayor and Assembly are jointly charged with the governance of Greater London, the administrative area which inhabits around 9 million humans and, of course, many other animals. The AWP is participating in the Assembly elections with a list of seven dedicated people. You will find more information about the AWP’s candidates and plans on the party website.

The Animal Welfare Party

The Animal Welfare Party was established in 2006. As a part of the global animal politics movement, the party visited the Animal Politics World Conference in The Hague last December. The AWP has been represented by Lee Williscroft-Ferris in the Hexham Town Council since then.

Do you want to help the AWP? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, follow Femy Amin on Twitter, or learn how to get involved with the party. And – if you are a citizen of London – vote AWP on 2 May!