Dutch Party for the Animals continues to grow after regional elections

31 מרץ 2019

Last week elections were held for the Provincial Councils and Water Boards in the Netherlands. As with every election until now, the Party for the Animals made gains again.

Party for the Animals celebrates gains at regional elections

It was the first time that the Party for the Animals took part in the elections in all 12 provinces of the Netherlands and it has now gained seats in all provinces. The votes percentage increased in each province and in some provinces (such as Limburg) it resulted in double the seats. The party now has 20 seats in all provinces together.

This result also means that the Party for the Animals has gained another seat in the Dutch Senate: from two seats to three in total. The members of the Senate are as a matter of fact indirectly elected and are not directly elected by citizens, but by members of the Provincial Councils.

The Party for the Animals also took part in the water board elections (seven water boards) and it achieved another increase, making it one of the biggest winners of the elections. The water boards is a unique Dutch government layer responsible for the Dutch water regime. The water boards are responsible for clean water, for water level management and they are responsible for waste water and nature areas in and around several Dutch waters.

Marianne Thieme, party chair and leader of the Party for the Animals, is happy with the results: “I am incredibly proud of our gain in this political battle. We are continuing to grow, the coalition can no longer escape from the Party for the Animals. We will be the dark green anchor and we will change the course of the current unsustainable and animal-unfriendly policy”.