Dutch elections in a week: a review of our recent achie­ve­ments

15 נובמבר 2023

Parliamentary elections will be held in the Netherlands in just one week’s time. On 22 November, the citizens of the Netherlands will cast their votes for the parties that will represent them in the Dutch House of Representatives. The Party for the Animals currently holds six of the one hundred and fifty seats, and we are hoping for steady growth, just as in all previous years. What better time to look back at all the successes achieved in the past few years by the Party for the Animals?

Freedom for animals

  • A ban on the import of calves
    We called upon the government to draw up a plan to put a stop to the import of calves. The proposal was adopted.
  • Restrictions imposed on hunting wild animals
    Thanks to a proposal submitted by us, endangered animals such as rabbits, wood pigeons and jackdaws may no longer be hunted. The adopted proposal also ensures that wolves, whose presence is vital to maintaining the balance of our ecosystem, are taken seriously in nature conservation policy.
  • A stop to the duck industry
    A proposal to keep the Dutch duck industry from growing due to severe animal suffering and the risk of bird flu has been adopted: a step towards ending duck farming in the Netherlands.
  • Amendment to the Animals Act
    As from 2023, instead of forcing animals to adapt to the system, the system will be adapted to the needs of animals.

Tackling the climate and nature crisis

  • No more agricultural toxins
    Our proposal calling on the Minister of Agriculture to vote against extending the approval of glyphosate in Europe has been adopted. If this toxin, which is very harmful to both our health and the environment, fails to obtain authorisation, its use will be prohibited in the EU from 1 January 2024.
  • Chemours must assume responsibility for the harm caused
    Thanks to a successful proposal submitted by the Party for the Animals, among others, the government is now required to hold Chemours liable for the costs of PFAS pollution caused by the company. These costs include surveys and soil contamination. Chemours is notorious for discharging GenX, a carcinogenic substance that poses great danger to local residents.

For more information on the Party for the Animals, our campaign and standpoints, visit our new election page.