Vegan Huma­ni­tarian Work in Uganda: Mike Started a Vegan Community School

9 April 2024

In the small town of Kassanda in Uganda, Musisi Mike Kibirige leads the Atlas Vegan Community School: a vegan primary school that provides full-time, good quality, compassionate education to the children of Kassanda District.

Government-funded schools in Uganda are few and far between, and their frequently absent teachers provide poor education. With a passion for caring for the youth, Mike founded the Atlas Community School. This special school welcomes kids of all ages, and between the ages of 5 and 15, they learn about veganism through debates, book readings, and creative performances.

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The school is part of LUV4ALL Uganda, a compassionate initiative that began as the Freeborn Children’s Mission in 2018. It expanded its vision in 2022 to embrace not just human welfare but the well-being of all living creatures, recognizing the interconnectedness of our lives. LUV4ALL Uganda tirelessly works to uplift communities, focusing on orphan support, women's empowerment, and the nurturing of children through education and plant-based meals.

Musisi Mike, together with Vanessa Hudson and Gavin Ridley (Animal Welfare Party UK) and Gaby Markandu (Animal Politics Foundation/Party for the Animals NL) at the annual Animal Politics World Conference in 2023.

However, sustaining such a noble cause in Uganda is challenging. Most students are orphans, lacking any financial support from families. This is where our global community's generosity becomes crucial. You can support this amazing initiative through (regular) donation(s) – even as little as 10 or 15 dollars/euros a month via PayPal is really appreciated.

Consider supporting LUV4ALL Uganda Atlas Vegan Community School by following them on social media and donating to help feed and teach the youth of Uganda.

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