Stricter ban on seal fur

30 October 2015

European seal fur completely out of the shop

Fur from seals that are hunt in Europe isn’t allowed to be sold anymore. That has been decided by the majority of the European Parliament. The ban on the sale and import of seal fur in Europe is thus extended. “It’s to be applauded that the already existing ban on the sale of seal products is being tighten up,” said Member of the European Parliament Anja Hazekamp.

Since 2010 an import and sales ban for seal products is in force in Europe, but for European fur from so-called non-commercial seal hunt an exception still existed.

This exception offered a way out to still make money with seal fur through so-called non-commercial hunt. That seals in Europe may absolutely not be hunted with the goal of making money, is clear now European seal fur has to be taken out of the shop,” said Hazekamp.

The Party for the Animals regrets that another exception on the ban, for seal fur originating from hunt by indigenous peoples, does continue to exist. This means in practice that seal fur hunted by Inuits, the original inhabitants of Greenland, is still allowed in Europe. “This exception has no credibility. If it concerns traditional hunt that indigenous peoples rely on to survive, then we shouldn’t stimulate them to sell the fur in Europe,” according to the Party for the Animals.

There’s no justification or excuse for seal fur. It’s an unnecessary fashion product that causes seals to be killed in a horrible way. Therefore the Party for the Animals continues to advocate a total ban on seal products, without any exceptions,” said Anja Hazekamp.