PftA: illegal acti­vities during spring hunting Malta

3 April 2017

The Party for the Animals found several illegal activities at Malta at the end of March during the controversial spring hunting for migratory birds. MEP Anja Hazekamp observed the Maltese spring hunting together with BirdLife Malta and already came across electronic birds decoys on the hunting grounds in the first hour of the hunting season. The use of electronic bird decoys in bird hunting is prohibited in Europe. On Sunday, a shot marsh harrier – a protected bird species which is not permitted to be hunted- was found. It was brought to the vet and is recovering now.

Foto: BirdLife Malta

The malpractices found are in addition to the fact that the hunting of migratory birds, which are travelling to their breeding grounds, is prohibited by the European Birds Directive.

Hazekamp asked the Maltese government during a discussion on Monday to stop the spring hunting of migratory birds. She also presented a letter, which was signed by MEPs from thirteen different countries and came from the seven largest groups in the European Parliament. In the letter, the people’s representatives call on Malta to stop the spring hunting and to increase their efforts against illegal hunting.

The Maltese Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes (Agriculture, Fisheries & Animal Rights) will officially respond to this letter in writing. As yet, Galdes still refuses to stop the spring hunting. Galdes said that he deployed seventy enforcers to prevent illegal hunting activities.

Hazekamp will provide feedback on her findings to her colleagues in the European Parliament. Furthermore, she will maintain close contact with BirdLife Malta to stay informed of the situation. The Party for the Animals will bring the illegal hunting activities found to the attention of the European Commission.