Gains for German party for the animals in elections

3 October 2017

German party for the animals Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz (Tierschutzpartei in short) has made gains in the German elections of 24 September 2017. The party participated in ten German states.

The party gained a total of 373,278 votes, mainly cast in Eastern Germany, which is nearly 19,000 votes more than in the last elections in 2013. The number of votes was not enough to gain the Tierschutzpartei a seat, as Germany has a high electoral threshold of 5%. This means that parties that gain less than 5% of the seats (the electoral threshold) will win no seats in the Bundestag.

The Tierschutzpartei is happy with the election results and finds them very promising for the elections to the European Parliament in June 2019, during which it expects to win several seats, as the EU has no electoral threshold.