Dutch political Party for the Animals pays visit to Moldova

19 December 2016

Three representatives of the Dutch political Party for the Animals have visited Moldova in order to speak to animal rights activists, environmental organisations and policymakers from 7 to 12 December. During their visit, the key ingredients were exchanging knowledge and strengthening cooperation our common fight for animal welfare, nature and protection of the environment. The Dutch party exchanged visions on problems and solutions, regarding to issues such as the killing of stray dogs, hunting, biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution in Moldova.

The Dutch team, consisting of Karen Soeters, Christine Teunissen and Eva van Esch, met several organisations which are helping strag dogs: ALGA, Remi Moldova and de Moldavian Dog rescue. Soeters: “Stray dogs in Moldova are treated cruel and inhumane. We were lucky to have spoken to many people who are helping the dogs an who want to change the mainstream mentality and policy towards stray dogs, and doing hard work every day to achieve this”. Remi Moldova set up a sterilization program in the town Vadu Lui Voda. The only thing they still needed was a location to perform the sterilization. Together with Soeters and Teunissen, they spoke to the mayor of this town. The mayor has promised to come within two weeks with a proposition for a location for the program.

The team was positively surprised about the hunting restrictions the minister of Environment implemented in 2014. This decision was made by the Government with the aim of protecting these species of animals, given their low density. The Dutch also met Karl Luganov, the head of the organization “Societatea Umana” (“Human Society”). This group is working on a bill that institutes punishment for inhuman treatment of animals. Last year, animal welfare advocates collected 15,000 signatures in support this bill. The Party for the Animals is willing to support the development of this bill.