The Animal Justice Party of Finland has esta­blished its position as an official party

27 September 2016

The Animal Justice Party of Finland was registered as an official party on 20.09.2016. The party collected 5000 supporter cards required in order to join the Finnish register of political parties. The next steps for the party will be participating in local elections in spring 2017. Parliamentary elections will follow on year 2019.

From global concern to local action
The global environmental and social costs of animal agriculture are starting to concern people worldwide. During the next decades the important decisions related to climate change, species extinctions and habitat loss are being made where moving away from animal production plays a key role. These decisions define what kind of environment our planet will provide us and for the other animals to live in in the near future.

The Animal Justice Party of Finland is a part of this increasing international movement where animal right questions are being politicized. Party is aiming to respond to global challenges in local level by promoting equality beyond species and alternatives for animal agriculture. In local elections party’s agenda is to increase the knowledge of the environmental and health benefits of plant-based diet. In practice this would mean providing vegan meals in public sector and allocating farming subsidies towards plant production.

International co-operation
The Animal Justice Party of Finland has been participating in International Animal Politics – meetings organized by Animal Politics Foundation. The president of Animal Right Party of Finland Saana-Maria Majatie considers international co-operation important:

It is possible to notice similarities of the progression in the rise of animal right parties worldwide. Even though this kind of political action has started in Europe there are already Animal Right Parties in United States, Canada, Australia and recently in Asia too, in Taiwan”, Majatie comments.