Help end the killing of kangaroos

31 maj 2023

The number of kangaroos in Australia increased over the past months due to weather conditions, which caused another widespread debate about massive culling actions. Millions of kangaroos are brutally killed and a large part of Australian kangaroo leather and meat is shipped to Europe for commercial use. Once again, experts and animal protectionists from Australia as well as Europe call for an end to these killings. You can help save the kangaroos by signing the petition launched by the Animal Justice Party.

In Australia, roughly 1.6 million kangaroos are killed each year, causing suffering to not only the kangaroos but to other wildlife as well. Animal rights activists have been protesting this cruel act for years, but the kangaroo industry that profits from the killings is trying to block every change and hunting expeditions continue to happen. The Australian Animal Justice Party, the only Australian political party that takes a stand against kangaroo hunting, has pointed out how the Australian government continues to fail kangaroos: the killings are brutal, the population estimates dodgy, and there is a lack of compliance, oversight and transparency.

Protesting works!

Most likely, the kangaroo industry feels threatened by the growing public outcry against the use of kangaroo products. World Animal Protection, for example, launched a campaign to call on companies to stop selling kangaroo-derived products. Moreover, an adopted proposal by the Dutch Party for the Animals at the start of 2022 forced the Dutch government to push for a European ban on the import of kangaroo products. Also, an appeal to the European Commission to end the kangaroo hunt was made last year by Party for the Animals Member of European Parliament Anja Hazekamp.

As a result, some big companies, such as the Dutch e-commerce giant and sportswear multinationals Puma and Nike, recently announced phasing out the use and sale of kangaroo products.

The Animal Justice Party launched a petition for the protection of kangaroos, pointing out: “The Australian Government is happy to use a kangaroo as our ‘Brand Ambassador’ for global tourism. But under the cover of darkness, kangaroos are one of the most persecuted animals in the country.” Help them save the kangaroos and sign the petition!