Worldlog Week 32 – 2008

4 אוגוסט 2008

My Worldlog will appear in a shortened version during the parliamentary summer recess from 21 July through to 17 August. But to still keep you abreast of the latest animal news – and to stay in touch – the Worldlog will be updated weekly with links to current English-language reports covering animal rights and animal well-being!

My next ‘real’ Worldlog will be back on 18 August.

Enjoy your summer!
Marianne Thieme

Amazon rainforest threatened by new wave of oil and gas exploration

Conservation: Humpback whales make a comeback

Vanishing Animal Migrations Need Saving, Experts Say

Banned trade hits Vietnam animals

Hi-tech 'pinger' to save dolphins from fishing nets

Chimpanzees used for medical testing 'show signs of torture'

Primates under threat of extinction due to mankind