Worldlog Week 19 – 2008

9 מאי 2008

The Dutch Parliament was on recess this week, which gave me the opportunity to look around abroad. My daughter Annika and I went on holiday and enjoyed the beautiful weather and nature.

Besides that, I’ve collected some interesting news for you. An exciting story from The New York Times from earlier this year. They put together numerous facts about why current meat consumption levels are not sustainable. Worth the effort!

In Great Britain, the advertising watchdog is checking out a campaign of PETA against Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is regarding a pamphlet from PETA, which includes the cartoon below along with a summary of the horrific things that are done to the chickens before they end up a chicken nugget or drumstick. I can’t see much wrong with the cartoon…

Cartoon PETA

The international version of our climate film Meat the Truth (about the enormous influence of factory farming on global warming) is ready! I’ve let you known a bit about it over the past weeks and now the moment is here. The film will be shown at the International Animal Rights Conference in Washington, D.C., but first the world première on Monday the 19th of May in London.

There are still a few tickets available, so if you’re in the neighbourhood, be sure to get a ticket on time. The film starts at 10 a.m. in the Odeon West End at Leicester Square in London and lasts approximately 80 minutes. You can order a ticket by mailing your name and email address to before the 14th of May. First come, first serve.

During the recess, a letter from the Minister of Agriculture landed in the mailbox. It states that in just the past year, 352 offences were recorded on animal welfare and animal transport concerns. “Non-rule-adhering behaviour” as they call it euphemistically in the Netherlands…It’s straight-up illegal breaking of the law, where animals are the victims, perpetrated by people who call animal rights activists “terrorists.”

I am very happy that it seems that Obama will become the Democratic presidential candidate in the U.S.A. He shows more concern for the rights of animals than does his rival Hillary Clinton. Considering in the U.S., there are tens of millions of animal protectors, countless vegetarians and people inclined toward vegetarianism (semi-vegetarians), this group could end up putting in the deciding vote for this head-to-head candidate race. We will send Obama an invitation for the New York première of Meat the Truth!


That’s it, have a good week and see you soon!