Growing inter­na­tional alliance against Belgian nuclear power plant in Tihange

24 מאי 2017

Yesterday the Dutch Parliament adopted a motion by the Party for the Animals, requiring Belgium to shut down its nuclear power plant in Tihange. According to the majority, there are so many safety issues that it is not responsible to let Tihange run for much longer. There is a growing, unprecedented international alliance that wants to permanently shut down the power plant. Earlier, the governments of Germany and Luxembourg also called on the Belgium government to close the nuclear reactor, which is close to their borders.

In a motion by the Party for the Animals, Member of parliament Wassenberg stressed that the Belgian supervisor has serious criticism of the security policy in Tihange. The motion also reminded the government that the Dutch are also at risk should there be a nuclear accident, since Tihange is not far from the Dutch border.

On June 25th 2017 there will be a tri-national 90 km human-chain starting at Tihange, passing Liège and Maastricht and ending in Aachen. With this action the initiators from Belgium, the Netherland and Germany claim together with ten thousands of people the immediate shutdown of the nuclear power plants Tihange 2 and Doel3.