Dutch and Portu­guese parties for animals organise world confe­rence to address eco-crisis

3 ספטמבר 2019

The Dutch Party for the Animals (PvdD) and its Portuguese sister party People-Animals-Nature (PAN) are collectively organising a world conference entitled “Eco-Crisis: Turning the Tide” in Porto next weekend. Its central objective is addressing the biodiversity crisis. Joined by 14 other sister parties and 33 NGOs and professionals from over 25 countries, the two parties are aiming to give the degradation of our ecosystems higher political priority. Marianne Thieme – the Dutch Party for the Animals’ MP, founder and leader – will give a special lecture for the Portuguese public, explaining how we can use our fork and knife to turn the tide.

IPBES, the United Nations' biodiversity panel, which is comprised of 150 of the world’s leading scientists, reached an alarming conclusion last May: human activities have caused a biodiversity crisis, just as catastrophic as the current climate crisis. Unless immediate and decisive action is taken, the viability of the planet will be at risk, as biodiversity is essential to our food, water, medication, safety and social cohesion. According to IPBES, the moment for an extensive reorganisation of our economy and agricultural system is now.

And yet, this barely seems an issue for political leaders across the globe: political focus is still mainly on economic growth. The Dutch Party for the Animals and Portuguese PAN are trying to change this in their home countries as well as in the European Parliament. By organising the world conference “Eco-Crisis: Turning the Tide”, the two parties are working together with dozens of other parties and organisations to speed up the process of change.

Participants from all over the world – from Spain all the way to the United States and from Georgia to Lebanon – will take part in workshops and share their experiences. Prominent experts, such as Dr Ingrid Visseren, professor on environmental policies and co-author of the alarming IPBES report, will share their knowledge with the attendees.

As part of the conference Marianne Thieme will give a lecture, which will take place on 7 September from 20:00 to 21:30 in the Alfândega Porto Conference Centre. As founder and leader of the world’s first successful political party for animal rights, Thieme will discuss the state of biodiversity as well as the way in which human welfare is tied to the welfare of animals. In addition, she will explain how anyone can make a difference to the viability of the planet by simply using their fork and knife.

In October, Portugal will have its parliamentary elections. With her lecture, Thieme hopes to give the Portuguese public food for thought concerning the necessity of a new kind of politics. One that no longer focuses merely on the interests of man, but which takes into account the interests of the planet and all its inhabitants. The lecture will be introduced by Bebiana Cunha, council member for PAN in Porto and a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Portugal.

The lecture will be free of charge, but the organisation advises those who want to join to book here in advance.

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