Partidul pentru Animale aduce la Haga mișcarea inter­nați­onală în creștere pentru animale și planetă

26 iunie 2018

Marianne Thieme, founder and leader of world’s first successful Party for the Animals, gave a lecture last Friday in The Hague. Her talk was on the party’s encouraging role regarding animal rights, nature and the environment. She also emphasized the important role of the growing international political movement which turns the traditional politics upside down. The sold-out lecture was part of the international conference “Make a Change for Livestock and our Planet”, in which participants from over 22 countries from all over the world participated.

Participants at the conference “Make a Change for Livestock and our Planet”

Thieme painted a picture of the rise a new kind of politics. One that no longer focuses on mankind’s interests but on those of the planet and all its inhabitants instead.

Marianne Thieme: “It gives me a tremendous amount of energy to be with so many like-minded people. To speak, listen and further shape the future of our beautiful green and animal rights movement. The feeling that we’re not alone in our ideals, in our concerns about the world, the animals, nature, the climate and the environment. And that together, we share the conviction that we can bring about positive change. Every major change in history has begun with a small group of dedicated people. People, dreaming of an ideal world. People who won’t give up before they have achieved their goal.”

The lecture was part of the international conference “Make a Change for Livestock and our Planet”. This conference was organised by the Animal Politics Foundation. Participants from all over the world – from Spain to Sweden, from Georgia to Australia, and from Morocco to Canada – exchanged knowledge and ideas about the untenable role of the livestock industry – a role that requires change. Participants spoke with Jeroen Willemsen (founder of the Green Protein Alliance), Geert Laugs (Director of Compassion in World Farming) and Vladlena Martsynkevych (programme coordinator of Bankwatch) among others.

All participants at the five-day conference were enthusiastic. A represenatieve from the Finnish Animal Justice Party (EOP): “Being together with this international group is immensely motivating and energizing. Together we will bring a paradigm shift. One termite can’t do a thing. But a group of termites can bring down a gigantic building. And that is exactly what we are going to do: bring down the current unjust, fossil system.”

And a participant from Morocco: “Thanks to this conference I am going back to my country with a big ball of hope.”