Justice for All party


The ‘Justice for All ‘ Party , founded in June 2016, is the only Israeli party for animal welfare.The party brings together members from across the political spectrum, the common denominator of all is that the time has come to recognize the rights of animals. From its conception that all earthlings, including the animals, are meant for their own ends and not any other purpose, ‘Justice for All’ seeks to fully recognize the individual’s intrinsic value, his physical and mental needs and his full right to liberty. It follows from this that any discrimination, per se, among the living organism of country is unacceptable. In recognition of this value, and in view of the unfortunate situation of animals under human rule, the ‘Justice for All’ movement responds to the urgent imperative and calls for integration of animal rights in state, municipal, social and cultural instituions.

Since repairing the roots of the animals’ status is a completely new public arena, which has not yet been properly dealt with – not by legislation, economics, education or culture, health or otherwise – we are taking the first steps in an unpaved and bumpy way. The ‘ Justice for All’ Party, in conjunction with all animal rights advocates in Israel and around the world, wants to begin this long journey today because the time has come.